About us

ShipCollectibles is a division of Gadgetcat LLC. We are located in Cocoa Beach, FL. 

The original collection of postcards and naval images was acquired from the Universal Ship Cancellation Society. When they discontinued sales of their extensive collection in 2019, we got it and have been handling it since then. We have also added additional memorabilia including museum-quality model ships, customized swag such as keychains and coffee mugs, beverage tumblers, and more.

Customized items are produced and shipped from our office in Cocoa Beach, FL. We offer product customization for some items. For example, you can get a mug with your ship image on one side, and the name and rank of the person receiving the gift. 

Contact us at info at gadgetcat.com or by phone 321-613-8136, or at our office located in the Cape Royal Building, 1980 N Atlantic Ave Suite 416, Cocoa Beach FL 32931 (office hours by appointment only).